I am a photographer, and photography is my passion, my living and my life.

I am based out of Southampton, UK, but I travel whereever required for work.

Primarily I photograph people; weddings, business portraits, actors headshots, concerts & events, fitness, models, family portraits…

Over the years I’ve photographed all kinds of people; business people, bodybuilders, musicians, actors, magicians, fitness trainers, magicians, contortionists, jugglers, brides & grooms, fashion models and many more.

I’ve worked across the UK and North America.  I’ve photographed a wedding in Edmonton, Canada; a fitness clothing catalogue in San Diego, California.

My work has been internationally published numerous times in a diverse range on publications from newspapers and business magazines in the UK to major fitness magazines in North America.

Although I primarily photograph people I do also turn my lens to photographing buildings, objects, animals and landscapes.

A few sound bites; big Star Trek and general science fiction fan, I wear a tilley hat, love the music of Peter Gabriel, Zero 7, and Kate Bush, I believe that watching the sun set (or rise) is something everyone should do more often, I often post awful jokes on Twitter, I have a slightly worrying moose obsession…

My personal portfolio pages has some photographs that I’ve taken for myself.  In time I hope to release some of these as limited edition prints.

If you’d like to keep updated about what I’m doing and see my latest work then please follow me on Twitter, or read my Blog.