Crediting a few people for their help and support along the way…

In no particular order;

  • The Moose Graphic” – Big thanks to Jayme Galloway for helping to create my vision of a cartoon moose graphic.  As well as being an awesome graphic designer, Jayme is also a most excellent fitness model.
  • Web Hosting & WordPress Support” – Dave Williamson of Dambtech has helped with numerous WordPress problems over the months, including getting hacked.  Every time things get fixed with speed, patience and a little bit of humour. 🙂
  • WordPress Theme” – Thanks to Chris Hatch of Zedoary for taking my initial designs and making them into a functional WordPress them.
  • My first publication” – Thanks to one of my all time favourite models, Jaime Koeppe for helping me get my first picture published (a double page spread of a photo of Jaime in Musclemag).
  • I talk in pictures not in words” – My little tag line, which gets a surprising number of positive comments was borrowed a line from a Peter Gabriel song “And Through The Wire“.  Thanks Peter 🙂

Special mention to…

  • Mike Boss for introducing me to Krispy Kreme doughnuts!