To put it simply, the images I take are mine, don’t steal them!

However this is 2012 and I’m generally more flexible about image use.

For example, if I’ve posted a photo on my blog or maybe Facebook and you want to grab it and use it for your personal profile, then as long as that photo features you, and you do not crop my logo / branding then that’s fair game.

However, if you were to take that same photo and start using it on a business profile / website, that’s a whole different ball game, and if you do it without permission I’ll send around the boys to beat ya!  Okay so sending in the boys is a last resort, but what you probably will find is a polite email along with an invoice for use of the image(s).

I charge a flat fee of £500 for each use of an unlicensed image that I find being used for commercial use.

Basically if you want to use a photo I’ve taken, ask me.  I’ll generally charge quite a bit less if you ask for permission and we agree on a fee before than if I have to come after you with my big stick.

I’ve written this in a jovial manner, but in all seriousness photography is my only source of income.  I am passionate about my work, so please play fair and pay for what you use.