After a trail period I’ve decided to use Dropbox to share final high resolution images with my clients.

I quite often receive emails several months or years after a photoshoot from clients saying their laptop has broken, or been stolen etc, and do I still have the images to give them again?  My answer is almost always yes, but it’s still a bit of a pain for both of us.  So the big benefit for my clients is that the images will be safely stored on the interweb, and should be much harder to loose.

To use Dropbox please click on the Dropbox link.

Once you’ve signed up for a Dropbox account, all you need to so is create and then share a folder with me.  Please include your name in the folder name, otherwise things might get confusing.

Send the invitation to biz at michaelpalmer dot com.

Once I have received the invitation, I’ll upload your high resolution images to the shared folder.  You’ll be able to download whenever you like, and your images will be safe from hard drives dying.

I thank you.  🙂