I believe in writing things so they can be understood, so legal speak be damned.

These are the basics you need to know, what you can expect from me, and what I expect from you.

Our contract
Once a photo shoot date has been agreed between us, we have entered into a contract and that date / time is reserved for you in my diary and I will accept no other bookings for that time.  Normally I will ask for a 50% deposit at this time. The deposit is non-refundable. There are times when things need to be rescheduled. I understand this, so it’s important we talk to each other.   If the shoot is cancelled within 72 hours of the shoot date / time then the full agreed shoot amount becomes payable.

Additional costs
Where I have to travel more than 20 miles I charge 45 pence a mile.  I always charge additional travel costs – ie parking, congestion charges etc.

Receiving Images
Proof images will be made available within 72 hours of the shoot (often much quicker).

Images will only be released without “proof watermark” stamp once full and final payment has been received.

Prior to the booking we’ll have agreed on the number of final finished images you will receive.

Once payment has been confirmed and your image choices have been received I will deliver the final high-resolution images to you within 7 days (again normally this is much quicker).

I like to turn my images around as quickly as possible, and very occasionally a client keeps me waiting before sending me their final selections, sometimes it’s just a few weeks, but at times it’s been months, or even a year or more.   Around 60 days after the shoot, the images will be archived, and hence won’t be as easily accessible as before.  There will be a £50 charge to access all remotely archived images.  I don’t want to charge anyone extra, so please get me your image choices inside the 60 day period.

I make efforts to keep safe the original versions of your final images.   To date I’ve never lost any images, but there is always a first time.  So please, once you have received your images, keep them backed up as you would any of your business data.

How you can use the images
You may use the images for your website, business cards, leaflets, brochures, video etc.  Anything relating directly with you or your business is generally okay.  However if you want to use the images for commercial use (ie magazine or newspaper articles / supplement companies etc)  then please ask me first.

How I can use the images
As the photographer I keep copyright on the images, but that doesn’t mean I can use them without your permission.  I do sometimes like to use selected images on my website and printed portfolios, and on my blog.