I quite often get asked “what camera / lens etc should I buy“.  My initial reply is always the same, “how much do you want to spend?”  These pages are going to be mini-reviews and general recommendations of gear to buy.

I use Canon cameras as my main system, and have done since they released their first prosumer digital-SLR (Canon D30) back in 2000.  Naturally I’m going to be slightly biased to equipment that I’ve spent 100’s of hours using.  However that doesn’t mean I’m anti other camera makes, Nikon, Sony, make some excellent equipment, at times probably better than Canon.  I’m going to be recommending equipment I’ve got experience using.

Follow this link for my reviews and recommendations of Cameras.


Once you start buying lenses, especially if you get a few more expensive ones, you’re basically locking yourself into one particular camera manufacturer.   As I’ve already said, I bought Canon, so that’s my system.  However whether you go for Canon or Nikon you can’t really go wrong, their lenses are both up to the same very high standard.

Follow this link for my reviews and recommendations of Lenses.