Vision Board

This is my vision board.  It's mostly for me but I thought it would be fun to share.  Some of my visions are subjects I'd like to photograph, either as a personal project or be commissioned for a job.  Others are things I want to own, eg apartment, van, camera equipment etc....  

In no particular order... 

NB.  Please note that none of the photos featured on this page are my work, they are all "borrowed" from the interwebs somewhere.

747 Landing at St Maartin
You've probably seen the videos on YouTube of planes landing at St Maartin Island.  I want to photograph it!
747 on take off
Iconic image of an iconic plane, and I want to photograph my own version of it.
Whether as part of an actual performance, or in training, ballet would be a challenge to photograph well.
With only a few seconds to photograph each jump...   No way would I have the balls to do it myself though!
Big Name Concert
I've photographed some quite big names on stage but as yet no "megastars".  Would like to follow them backstage, capture more personal moments as well as their on stage persona. 
Burning Man Festival
I've done lots of fitness photoshoots on similar dry lake beds, can only begin to imagine the challenge of keeping dust out of the camera.
A clothing catalogue
I've photographed a small range of fitness clothing before, but never a proper catalogue (thinking Craghoppers, Tilley and the like here)
El Calafate Glacier
I've been there once under less than idea circumstances, but I want to return and spend a few days photographing this amazing place.
Formula 1
Probably the hardest on my visionboard to actually get access & permission, but it's still a dream!
The Island not the food shop!  I want to spend 2 or 3 weeks travelling around and photographing this amazing country.
Iguazu Falls
Had the privilege of visiting Iguazu twice but want to go back and spend a couple of weeks photographing probably the single most amazing place I've visited.
Isle of Wight Festival
Big name musicians just across the water...  I want to try and be there to photograph it in 2012.
London 2012 Olympics
Even if I can't get to photograph any of the actual events, I still plan on spending a few days in London photographing the atmosphere during the games.
London from the sky
I've taken a few snaps as flights I've been on have been landing at Heathrow, but I want to get up and photograph the city from the sky properly.
Snow Bikini
I've kinda photographed bikinis in the snow before, but not properly.  Need a few crazy models and a few days in the snow to make this idea come to life.
Powerboats from a Helicopter
I'd be a little too scared to photograph boats from the water, but would love to be hanging half out of a helicopter shooting this amazing sport.
Would like to spend a day or two photographing  some world class swimmers.
I'd probably respect the locals wishes not to climb the rock, but would still be a great subject to photograph.
Volcano / Lava
I've had a fascination with the power / spectacle of the volcano for as long as I can remember.  I want to (safely) photograph lava.
Wild Elephants
Maybe a tad dangerous, but want to photograph these amazing creatures in the wild.
Almost managed it on my final visit to Argentina, but time & weather were against me.  I want another go at photograph penguins.
Polar Bears
I want to go bear shooting (with camera of course) in Canada one winter.
Winter Sports
The title says it all really, something I've never had the opportunity to photograph.
Big Weather
I can see the appeal of the stormchasers in the USA.  I want to photograph "big weather".
Although I was there recently, I didn't have enough time to tour and photograph the places I wanted.  Need to plan another trip.
Isle of Mann TT races
Bikes aren't really my thing, but photographing the action & atmosphere would be.
This goes hand in hand with the campervan as I'd want to convert a van into a "stealth camper".
My own calendar
I've already had one calendar for 2012 published, and hopefully soon I'll be shooting another from scratch.
Ideally my own, but even if it was on a time share basis with another photographer, having proper access to a studio would open up lots of new business opportunities.
Gallery or exhibition
Permanent or temporary, I'd love to have a display of my work.
My own apartment / space
If its big enough I could even turn part of it into a gallery space and kill two birds etc.
Revisiting Argentina
Kinda a recurring theme on this page.  I've visited Argentina 5 times, but hardly have any proper photos.  I need to return.
Publish a book
I've started writing a book about my photography stories, hints, tips etc.  I'll come hopefully in 2012.
Camper Van
It's been a dream for years, and I hope before too long to make it a reality.
Canon 50mm f1.2
The ultimate 50mm lens.
Canon 100-400mm lens
I owned one once but had to sell it to help buy a new car.  I want it back!
Canon 1D Mark 4
The ultimate Canon body.  I wants!
Canon 1DS Mark 3
Might as well have the set.  :-)
Canon 50mm f1.2
The ultimate 50mm lens.
Northern Lights
To see & photograph the northern lights.

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